CEO Message

Welcome to Design Council Busan,
Leading the Design Industry

Since it opened in April 2007, Design Council Busan, as a public agency under the city of Busan, has been focusing on conforming to benefits of the public, contributing to good health and joyful lives of every member of the society and, especially, developing design projects customized to the local community and aiding its growth.
Various activities currently implemented by Design Council Busan aim at economic growth of Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongsangnam-do region, creation of jobs and joyful cities, for which it strives for continuous innovation and development of new projects that supports companies and citizens alike.
In particular, it will work on propagation of public and urban designs that provide convenience for all citizens. Moreover, in line with the global era and under the future vision of “Busan, the hub city of Asian design,” it will strive to make Busan a convenient public city equipped with international senses beyond Korea.
To achieve the vision of “Realization of joyful society through creation and sharing of design,” employees at Design Council Busan will strengthen systematic communication with each of the interested parties such as companies, related agencies, common citizens, students, policy customers, and internal employees and proceed transparent corporate activities to diligently fulfill its calling as a reliable public organization.
We ask for continued interests and participation from our beloved customers. Thank you.

Kang Kyung-tae, President, Design Council Busan